9NEWS.com - Feb 09, 2017
KUSA - A person claiming to be from Xcel Energy Colorado has called numerous people Thursday, demanding payment and threatening that services will be shut off immediately if payment is not provided, Fort Collins Police Services warned on their Facebook and Twitter. "NEVER confirm account information or make on-demand payments to inbound callers," the Facebook post advised.

Las Vegas Review-Journal - Feb 09, 2017
People are posing as NV Energy representatives in an attempt to collect illegitimate payments. NV Energy alerted its customers about the scam, in which people are using a recording of the company’s phone system to threaten customers about their electric service, NV Energy said on Twitter.

NewsChannel5.com - Feb 08, 2017
CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. - Deputies warned families about someone pretending to be with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office and asking to pay a fine either because they missed jury duty or there’s a warrant out for their arrest. Public Information Officer Sandra Brandon said the number on the caller ID will list the sheriff's office number but the person on the other end does not actually work with the office.

Shreveport Times - Feb 08, 2017
Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator is warning residents to beware of a caller who identifies himself as a Caddo deputy asking for money to keep you out of jail.

Janesville Gazette - Feb 06, 2017
JANESVILLE—Scam artists called a Janesville man repeatedly on Saturday, insisting the man would go to jail if he didn't pay $1,000. The callers claimed to be from the Dane County Sheriff's Office and said the Janesville man had failed to show up for federal jury duty, so a warrant had been issued for his arrest.

fox7austin.com - Feb 06, 2017
The IRS has a warning for everyone. Carlos Villalobos with the BBB has more on a phishing scam.

Patch.com - Feb 06, 2017
MARIETTA, GA -- Police in Marietta are spreading the word about a telephone scam that is triggered by your response to a simple question: “Can you hear me?” The police force took to Facebook recently to alert residents that scammers can get vital information from you if you answer someone who says this: “Hi! This is Josh from the customer service department. Can you hear me OK?”

Komando - Feb 03, 2017
More than likely, you are one of the billions of active Facebook users. That's right, billions! It's estimated that there are nearly 2 billion active monthly users worldwide. With that many people participating on the social media site, problems are bound to arise. If something did go wrong, how would you contact Facebook? You really need to be careful in trying to make contact, it could result in a nasty scam.

12news.com - Feb 02, 2017
It can make you a victim with one simple word, and it's officially made its way to Arizona. According to the attorney general's office, reports of the "Can you hear me?" phone scam have been coming in the last few days. Arizonans should be aware.

WAVY-TV - Feb 02, 2017
NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Authorities say there’s a phone scam going around in Norfolk. Police say scammers are calling people, claiming that the person on the other end of the phone has missed jury duty in Norfolk this week. The scammer then says the victim needs to bring two money orders to City Hall and pay at the kiosk in the lobby. They are then directed to bring the bond voucher they receive from the kiosk to the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office. There, the victim is told to speak with Deputy Brown or Lieutenant Collins who will issue them a cashier’s check back for the amount they paid.

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