Albany Times Union - May 08, 2017
Saratoga Springs police are warning residents that an old scam is back. In an attempt to steal credit card information, scammers are calling residents claiming to be the Internal Revenue Service and demanding back payment.

Bakersfield Now - May 06, 2017
The Kern County Sheriff's Office is warning the public about the dangers of a recent phone scam. A caller referring to themselves as "Lieutenant Haines" with the Sheriff's Office told the victim that a fine needed to be paid to lift a warrant for missing jury duty.

Patch.com - May 05, 2017
Area police departments are warning residents about a new telephone scam being used to target victims and facilitate fraudulent charges. The scam begins when a victim answers a call and the person at the end of the line asks, “Can you hear me? or “are you the homeowner” and other phrases used to elicit a “yes” answer.

KBOI-TV - May 03, 2017
If you get a phone call asking, "Can you hear me?" Police say you better hang up. In light of a new scam that could make you a potential victim if you answer "yes," new phone apps are coming out to help protect consumers.

The Dominion Post - Apr 24, 2017
The Preston County Sheriff’s Department has received calls from residents on a new scam. The caller ID shows a local number. When someone answers the phone, a pre-recorded message comes on the line, stating that there is a problem with that person’s credit card. The recording tells the person to hold the line for an operator.

FOX21News.com - Apr 22, 2017
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Police Foundation of Colorado Springs (PFCS) is reminding residents they do not solicit donations by telephone and residents should ignore calls from anyone claiming to ask for money on behalf of the organization.

KEYT - Apr 21, 2017
A report of a phone scam in the city of Lompoc has prompted authorities to warn the public against any calls asking for money on behalf of the police department or Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office. The Lompoc Police Department said they received the report through their app. The caller told the Lompoc resident that they were calling on behalf of the police and Sheriff, and asked for $125 dollars to sponsor an advertisement in the police yearbook.

WNYT - Apr 20, 2017
New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is warning seniors to be alert to a new phone scam. He says his office has gotten many complaints of callers posing as IRS agents. The callers ask seniors to pay-off phony debts, by buying gift or pre-paid debit cards and giving them the barcode number.

WJHL - Apr 18, 2017
ABINGDON, VA (WJHL) – The United States Marshals Service wants to warn the public about an ongoing national jury duty phone scam that is affecting folks in our region. Federal officials say the call begins with the alleged scammer posing as a U.S. Marshal or other law enforcement officer. The alleged scammer calls the victim and tells them that he or she has missed federal jury duty, but can avoid arrest by paying a fine — immediately.

WJXT Jacksonville - Apr 18, 2017
There's a consumer alert in St. Johns County, where deputies are investigating a fake DirecTV phone scam that conned a retired woman out of hundreds of dollars. According to the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office, the 67-year-old woman said she got a call from someone who claimed to work for DirecTV.

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