Palm Beach Daily News - Apr 01, 2017
The town is alerting residents to “can you hear me” scams in which phone callers get victims to say the word “yes” during a call and later use a recording of the response to authorize unwanted charges on the victim’s utility or credit-card account.

Patch.com - Mar 30, 2017
NEWTON, MA – Police in Newton on Thursday warned of a new phone scam, specific to the city's residents. Police said the caller claims to be from the Newton Police Association and asks for donations for an ad book for children being preyed upon. This is not true, according to the department.

KIRO Seattle - Mar 29, 2017
SEATTLE - A phone scam targeting people with Apple iCloud accounts is sweeping the 206 area code. The scammers are making harassing phone calls up to six times per day. “It said: ‘Hi I’m Molly from Apple support and there is a problem the security of your cloud storage account,’” said Jack Herndon, who was repeatedly called Wednesday.

ABC News - Mar 27, 2017
The Federal Communications Commission is warning consumers about a new scam that is hooking consumers with just one word: Yes. According to the FCC, the scam begins as soon as a person answers the phone. A recorded voice or an actual person asks: "Can you hear me?" And the consumer responds, "Yes."

BGR - Mar 24, 2017
Every year, phone scammers come up with new and creative ways to bilk individuals out of their hard-earned money. From calling up folks and pretending to be IRS agents to robocalling every permutation of phone number possible with promises of easy money, the variety of different phone scams seems to increase significantly with each passing year.

NBC 29 News - Mar 24, 2017
The Waynesboro Police Department wants citizens to be aware that the “Government Grants Scam” has been occurring in the city. The Police Department has received at least two calls from citizens saying that they were contacted by someone as a part of this scam.

Patch.com - Mar 23, 2017
A common phone scam known as the "one-ring" scam has resurfaced, the Federal Trade Commission is warning consumers. The ruse attempts to trick consumers into returning a missed call — and racking up charges — by calling cell phones and letting them ring once.

fox4kc.com - Mar 22, 2017
Returning a phone call from an unknown area code could jack up your cell phone bill. The Federal Communications Commission is warning people not to answer or return calls from nine area codes. They call it the `one-ring cell phone scam`.

NBC4i.com - Mar 21, 2017
The Ohio County Sheriff’s Office is issuing a warning about a new phone scam spreading across the Ohio Valley. Deputies say the caller claims to be employed with AEP. The scammer then advises the customer their bill is past due and if not paid, their electric will be shut off immediately by a technician in the field who is completing the disconnections.

Fox News - Mar 20, 2017
Think you’ve won an all-expenses paid hotel stay at a premium brand? Not so fast. If you receive a phone call offering a free stay at a Marriot hotel, you might just want to hang up immediately. According to the hotel chain, that call is likely part of a continuing phone scam that utilizes the brand's well recognized name to access personal and financial information from potential guests.

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