NBC Chicago - Mar 20, 2017
The Federal Trade Commission is warning of a phone scam that tricks people into making expensive calls. It’s being called the “one ring” area code phone scam. In the scam, scammers will call your cell phone but let it ring just once so that it leaves the appearance that you may have a missed call, according to the Federal Trade Commission’s warning.

Greeley Tribune - Mar 20, 2017
The FBI is concerned about a new phone scam that uses FBI phone numbers to demand money from victims. According to a news release from the FBI, criminals are calling northern Colorado phone numbers from phones that display the FBI's phone number.

9NEWS.com - Mar 16, 2017
LAFAYETTE - All it takes is simply saying “yes” to fall victim to the latest phone scam. The Lafayette Police Department warned about what’s been dubbed the “Can you hear me?” scam on Facebook on Thursday. Here’s how they say it works:

The San Luis Obispo Tribune - Mar 14, 2017
The San Luis Obispo Police Department is warning people about a phone scam in which the scammers represent themselves as law enforcement. In the scam, the caller tells the victim one of a few things: they either missed jury duty, received a citation and have a warrant for their arrest, or a family member has been arrested and needs bail money, according to police. The caller then tells the victim to pay the associated fines via PayPal or Green Dot prepaid Visa cards.

York Dispatch - Mar 14, 2017
The York County Elder Abuse Task Force is warning people about a recent scam to separate seniors from their money, in which scammers pretend to be family members in trouble.

WVLT - Mar 13, 2017
The Knox County Sheriff's Office is warning people of a new phone scam. In this scam, deputies say the caller advises the victims that he or she has an outstanding warrant. They instruct the victim to purchase a green and white MoneyPak prepaid card at Kroger and put money on the card.

fox6now.com - Mar 12, 2017
MILWAUKEE -- It's tax season and that means it's prime time for crooks to target taxpayers. The most common scam this time of year is the IRS phone scam and every year people fall for it.

News 13 Orlando - Mar 10, 2017
An old and extremely threatening phone call scam is back with a new twist. Even one of News 13’s employees was targeted. Melissa Calhoun works as the station's digital media manager. Tuesday when her work phone rang from a number she didn't recognize, she didn't immediately pick up.

Patch.com - Mar 09, 2017
Yesterday, the Aurora police received a report of a phone scam which involved an individual posing as a member of their department, according to a post on their Facebook page. The resident reportedly received a call from what appeared to be the Aurora police non-emergency line (630-256-5000). "Aurora Police Department" appeared on his caller ID.

WRBL - Mar 08, 2017
Phones have made it easier than ever for scammers to trick people out of their hard-earned money. Some of them can be really persuasive or even scary when they call. But one scammer got more than he bargained for when he tried to intimidate a Cataula couple. Tami and Buddy Bryan are sharing their story of empowerment in hopes of helping others not to fall victim to a scam they avoided.

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